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I consider myself as a Parisian Dreamer. Fashion, Photography, Art, Books, Travelling, Drawing, Sketching, Dancing is my Passion. I prefer Winter but I can't get over with my relationship with Summer. I Love Miranda Kerr. I'm In love with God. I do believe about Long distance Relationship 'coz I've been with my significant other about 3 years until now , though we're drifted and 8162 miles apart from each other. And Indeed even if we're miles apart still were close at heart.

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lasagna lovin (that kind of feeling when you discover A+ cafes that you never knew existed from a province) 🍹 (at Small Talk Cafe)
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🎩 xx
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my feet on the floor, gotta turn up now 🎧 xx kicks of the day 💋
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home 🍉
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found it !! 😍 played this eons ago !! 🎮🐾💣 (omg pokemons unleash)
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MOTIVATION HAHA what holiday what long weekend
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Srsly?! I’m left counting those colonies of bacteria here at the isolation room 😵😭😱 

Perks of being a science inclined major.. Hay.
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i’ll never forget how he hides from his pillow after seeing the cake.. Happy 5th year pumpkin !! Here’s to a billion more 💕 @monskiiskippy #LDR #US-Phil
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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge gone wrong. They were fine.
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while waiting for my hon hon @monskiiskippy for our anniv. online date 🐳⛅️
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"The trouble is, you think you have time."
— Buddha (via feellng)

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